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Step inside my violet prison...

Illequiped and Illprepared but knowing you will meet me there....

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  • Keele University - Keele, England - Staffordshire, United Kingdom (2002 present)
My name is Daniel.
I’m 23. I keep having to remind myself I'm not 22 anymore because its become force of habit to say 22 when asked - which has happened a lot this year.

I’m a student at Keele University in Staffordshire.
I’m studying for Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Politics.
For my third year I'm studying 11th Century church and state reform, revolutionary politics and the European Union.

I’m a fencer, specifically a sabreur. The combination of fencing sabre and being left-handed hasn’t tended to make me popular. I do fence the other two weapons, but my serious weapon is sabre.

I’m a musician. I’ve been playing the piano for as long as I could sit on the piano stool and reach the keys. I’ve been playing the guitar for about the same length of time. I’ve played in half a dozen bands over the last few years. I’m the lead singer and guitarist of art-rock/post-rock/whatever-rock band Latro.

I’m multilingual. I speak English and Gaelic as my primary languages. I also speak German, French, Spanish and Italian. In terms of ancient languages I also know Latin, Hebrew and Greek.

I’m into a wide variety of music, diversifying from Clannad to The Birthday Massacre, via Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Mandrake, and others.

I am, in the eyes of some, an internet addict, regularly posting on journals and forums. In reality, the internet doesn’t take up a vast track of my life – I just tend to be very productive when online.